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Communication Southern Style

The Cook
I've loved to cook most of my adult life. I was brought up in the South where food is the most common and effective means of communication. A plate of cookies brought over to a new neighbor, a cake for someone's special day or a casserole sent to a family grieving the loss of a loved one...all those things say "Welcome", "Congratulations!" and "I am so sorry...Bless Your Hearts". It's what we do because our momma's and our grandma's taught us that cooking and sharing our food comes from the heart and when words fail, food does not!

I want to make mention of the grand  ladies that  influenced me so much as a young cook. My grandma, Mabel Ann Russell George, Aunt Faula Tipton, Aunt Mary Jo Fielder and Barbara McKean who was like my adopted mom. 

All of these lovely ladies have gone on to Glory but I pray they would be pleased with my attempt here to share some good food and provide little humor along the way!  

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